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Have a great idea for an app but don't know what to name it or what domain to use? Look no further - I'll help you brand your product, build a narrative, even help you decide on a color pallette to help communicate your mission through branding.


Experienced in a large variety of languages and frameworks I can create your project and bring it to life utilizing the tools and languages to best suit the project and it's production environment. Easy to understand, MVC based apps are my specialty. Need an app built? Have a great idea for a game? How about just need an API for your existing application? Give me a holler and let's get creating together!


Modern, responsive design is one of my favorite parts about the web. From start to finish I keep a keen eye on user experience throughout development, but the visual aspects get special treatment. Knowing the short attention span of today's users a great, eye-catching yet pleasing design can help keep your users focused on what's important -- your content.


Your great idea is finally ready - Let me help you get it to your users! I am experienced with launching, securing and maintaining production assets. For the Bates Motel game, I setup nginx as a reverse proxy to local socket.io servers waiting to create real-time connections between a users computer browser and their phone allowing their phone to control the game without installing any software on the users phone!

Hello, I am John Henry...

I'm a web developer living in Dallas, Texas. I have worked with companies like Dreamworks, A&E, and I'm currently working as a Ruby on Rails Developer at ACTIVE Network.
Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Full-stack developer/designer/sysadmin. Ready to get your project done? Shoot me an email - Go ahead the form is right there.

John Henry
Dallas, TX
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